VonShef Halogen Oven

VonShef Halogen OvenThe 1300w VonShef premium 12 ltr halogen oven (previously Designer Habitat) delivers delicious results every time.

You get results that you would normally get with a conventional cooker but in a fraction of the time and it also has the convenience of being easier to clean.

Perfect for all your roasting, grilling, frying, baking and steaming without using loads of fat or oil.

As well as being faster than a conventional oven you also eliminate hot and cold spots that you would get if you cooked in a traditional oven plus it browns unlike a microwave oven.

The glass bowl is a good size at 12 litres which can be extended to 17 litres just by using the extender ring and the whole unit is completely portable and can be stored in a cupboard when not in use if you don’t want to leave it out on your worktop.

The bowl sits in a plastic basket which protects you from the hot glass and the lid fits on top.

Very easy to use, just plug it into a normal 240v socket and twist the timer switch to the desired time up to 60 minutes, set the temperature you require, push down the handle to start cooking and lift up the handle to stop cooking.

There is no preheating as the halogen bulb heats up instantly with a more intense and direct heat so saving you time and money.

The heat inside the bowl is circulated by the integrated fan for even cooking so there’s no need to turn your food, once the temperature is reached you will notice the halogen lamp will turn off, this is normal.

The fan still circulates the hot air cooking the food and when the temperature drops below the temperature set the halogen lamp turns back on again.

Due to the fact that it cooks so fast (up to three times faster) means that the oven uses up to 75% less electricity than you would if you used a traditional oven saving you time and money.

If you don’t like washing up then you will love the self clean function, just add water and washing up liquid to the bowl and turn on and it cleans itself although you will have to remove the water and wipe clean.

Free with the VonShef halogen oven a set of tongs along with two food grills one low and one high, you also get a steamer tray and a baking tray, oven height extender ring and there’s more, a lid holder, single glove and a set of four skewer forks, not for getting a free Hamlyn’s cook book, all this adds up to a massive £50 free of charge.

Verdict: stars-4-5

The VonShef halogen oven gets a very impressive four and a half stars from Amazon reviews and would make a great buy as the price is very competitive indeed and i would not hesitate in recommending buying one.

Also available in black.

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Product Details

  • Cooks up to three times faster than a traditional oven
  • Halogen technology for fast cooking.
  • No need for cooking oils or fats.
  • Fast heat up.
  • Uses less electricity.
  • 12 litre capacity glass bowl.
  • Self clean function.
  • Cook straight from frozen.
  • £50 worth of free accessories.
  • Free cook book
  • 1year guarantee.

Customer reviews of the VonShef halogen oven

“The best buy I’ve made for a long time cooks meat to a treat. i tend to use this all the time instead of my cooker.”

“I love this Halogen Cooker it does all that it said It took a little while to get used to it but with a few experiments it is good Baked potatoes are really lovely crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.”

“can’t believe I haven’t bought one before! I have not used my conventional oven or grill since!”