VonShef Digital Halogen Oven

VonShef Digital Halogen OvenVonShef are well known for their halogen ovens and they have now brought out one with a digital control panel to make things easier and more precise than when using the mechanical rotary dials. VonShef used to be known as Designer Habitat until they changed the name so you could know it under that name.

As with all halogen ovens you can use it to roast, bake, steam, broil, fry, defrost and reheat which makes it a very versatile kitchen appliance to own. The digital controls are very easy to use, just choose your time and temperature and your ready to go. The glass bowl is easy to clean thanks to its self cleaning glass coating.

Savings are to made by using 75% less electricity as it cooks 3 times faster than a traditional cooker with no pre-heating necessary. The halogen bulb gives out an intense heat that does all the cooking and the built in fan circulates the air so that the heat is evenly distributed eliminating cold and hot spots and no need for turning. Its not as fast as a microwave oven but it keeps your food succulent and browns to perfection. Another benefit of owning one of these clever ovens is they are a very healthy way to cook as its not necessary to add oils or fat.

To help you with your cooking it comes with plenty of free accessories which includes a low and high food rack to cook your food on. If you want to make the cooking area larger then you also get an extender ring which sits on top of the glass bowl and takes it from a 12ltr capacity to 17ltr capacity. The lid needs to be taken off to get at the food so they have included a lid holder to place it on which is needed as the lid gets extremely hot. Other freebies include a set of tongs, a glove, a baking tray, a steamer tray and four skewers not only that they throw in a 200 page recipe book, all this adds up to a total of £50.


Verdict: stars-4-0.

The VonShef Digital halogen oven gets a very respectful 4 stars from customers that have bought and used the product. The manual version is very popular and this digital version is bound to be just as popular.White VonShef digital halogen oven
The price is very competitive which should help you make you mind up.

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Product Details.

  • Digital control panel.
  • 12ltr capacity.
  • Detachable power cord.
  • High and low racks.
  • Extender ring.
  • Lid holder.
  • Steamer and baking ring.
  • Tongs.
  • 4 skewers.
  • A glove.
  • 200 page colour cookbook.
  • 12 months manufacturers guarantee.


Customer Reviews.

“fantastic item love it .i bought it for the caravan but now i use it in the house as well. its far cheaper and quicker to run than the house oven”

“Excellent item. I use this more than my conventional oven. Cooks brilliantly, saves time and money and easier to clean than an oven”

“Anybody who is used to these ovens know they don’t last for years, so I am glad to find they have come down to this sort of price, but for that you get a great wee oven, I have had three manual settings oven in the past but this digital one is handy for two reasons, one you can set the precise time and two the temperature setting can be set to Celsius or Fahrenheit”