Russell Hobbs Halogen Oven

Russell Hobbs halogen ovenWe all know the name of Russell  Hobbs and the quality they bring to their products. The halogen oven 18537 is another one of the great products they have to offer.  What they have is a 1400w oven with a capacity of 11 litres that can be extended to 16 litres by using the extender ring on top of the glass bowl. It is a very sturdy design and well made appliance as you would expect.

The oven as you know if you have been searching for one of these halogen’s has a large glass bowl on a plastic stand and on top of that sit’s the lid. The lid is were all the controls and  halogen cooking element is housed and it can be a bit heavy as with all the other makes. The simple system heats up using the halogen bulb and the fan circulates it the hot air evenly around the glass bowl.

When you turn on your appliance you will instantly see the bright light of the halogen bulb and as it reaches the desired temperature it will turn off, as the temperature inside the bowl drops so the bulb turns back on will keep doing this throughout the cooking period. The fan on the other hand keeps running to make sure the heat is distributed evenly.

This energy efficient cooker is perfect for doing all your roasting, baking, grilling and defrosting. Almost any food can be used but it does take a bit of trial and error until you get used to the cooking times as its faster than a traditional oven but not as fast as a microwave. Unlike a microwave the halogen oven does brown and crisp your food as it cooks.
As it has a glass bowl it is easy to see how things are cooking and you wont loose heat as you would with a normal oven by opening the door an pulling it out to check how its doing.

Saves you money on electricity as it is more energy efficient and cooks faster and with the price of electricity in this day an age every penny counts comes complete with an extender ring and two racks a low one and a high one that can be used separately or together depending on what you want to cook.

Verdict: stars-4-0.

The Russell Hobbs halogen oven has everything that you would expect and good reviews but doesn’t come with a complete set of accessories but well worth a look and at a reasonable price could be the one for you.

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Product details

  • 1400 watts.
  • 11 litre glass bowl.
  • 5 litre Extender ring making 16 litre in total.
  • High and low rack.
  • 60 minute countdown timer.
  • Temperature range 125-250C.
  • Cooks up to 40% faster than a traditional oven.

Customer reviews.

“It’s LARGE capacity and sensible layout means you can cook a variety of things.
Its mobile, so you can pack it away easily, and its easy to clean – assemble and put away – saves space too”

“This has taken a bit of getting used to, especially when cooking 2 layers, but we are getting there”

“Russell Hobbs has a good reputation and this oven shows why. It is the right size easy to use and clean controls are simple and straightforward. Cooking is even and fast”