Jml halogen oven

JML Halogen OvenThe JML Halogen Oven should do everything that a halogen oven does and if you watch the video below you will see it at work. The trouble is that although the JML looks and sounds impressive they seem to have a problem of not lasting long with bulbs blowing and rusting problems. Maybe this has now been sorted out but looking at the reviews on Amazon I’m not to sure and for that reason I’ll leave it up to you to check it out. Myself i would not recommend it even if it was the cheapest oven available which it isn’t.

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The JML  oven may look good on paper but with a low two and a half stars from Amazon this is  a product that I would not like to recommend, also the price is more expensive that its completion. see sample of reviews at the bottom of this page

Why not watch the video just to see how one works as they all do the same thing then you can make your choice


Customer reviews.

“This is my second JML halogen oven and both have lasted just about 11 months each time.”

“my original JML oven lasted 6 months  i was very impressed with its performance but the quality of the product is a different oven stopped working ,obviously the bulb i thought, upon inspection my suspicions were confirmed also i found a serious corrosion problem around the bulb mountings.after a complaint a new one was dispatched from jml who at this time assured me this was a one off and they had very few complaints about this forward 6 months and i am in the same situation,”

“My JML  oven worked well for about 18 months.When the lamp blew I ordered a replacement for it. But on dismantling the lid I found the screws and bolt holding the works to be rusted,”

“Anyone thinking of getting a JML Oven be warned that the bulbs are prone to blow at chance (you may be lucky and get 18 – 2 years months out of them, you may be unlucky and get less than 1 Month)-I’m not telling you not to buy a Halogen Oven, you must, they are a FANTASTIC piece of cooking equipment and an item you’ll use daily. I’m saying DON’T buy a JML Halogen oven,”