Fine Elements Halogen Oven

fine elements halogen oven with basketThe Fine Elements Halogen Oven is another of these superb products that produces great results. As with all halogen ovens it can cook, bake, roast, grill and steam any type of ingredients that you would normally use your traditional cooker or hob to do and now features a protective basket. With no preheating it gets on with cooking as soon as you turn it on. To use it is very simple as it only has a temperature control and a timer control to set. Once these are set push the handle down and the cooling will begin using the very powerful and intense heat of the halogen bulb. Inside the lid is a fan which will circulate all this heat inside the glass bowl around the food giving nice and even cooking and no hot or cold spots that you could get with a normal cooker.

The unit is very compact and consists of a sturdy plastic base that a heatproof and toughened glass bowl sits, on top of that sit’s the lid with all the controls. As its so compact it can be stored in your kitchen cupboard when not in use or left on your worktop ready to use as it takes up no more space than a microwave oven. You can use it in conjunction with your traditional cooker and microwave oven but after using it you will find that you will use it for all your cooking.

Cheaper to use than your normal oven as it can cook quicker which intern means cheaper electricity bills. With its clever self cleaning facility you even save time with the washing up. Comes with the following accessories so that you can start using it straight away: 2 x racks, 1 x tongs and a recipe book. As it has a glass bowl and sits on your worktop you will be able to keep your eye on whatever your cooking without bending down or opening your oven door so less chance of burning anything.

Verdict: stars-4-5

The Fine Elements Halogen Oven gets a very good 4.5 stars from customers who have bought one. Not as many accessories that some manufactures supply but a good purchase price and good reviews means that this is one that I would recommend if your looking to buy one.

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Product details.

  • 12l capacity.
  • 60 minute timer.
  • Temperature control.
  • 2 x racks.
  • 1 x tongs.
  • Protective Basket
  • Recipe book.
  • Self clean feature.

Customer reviews.

“ So versatile , why did I wait so long to buy one of these. Cooks everything it says it will with ease, and then self cleans.”

“would recommend. Fantastic item very easy to use food cooks lovely don’t think i would cook meat in a normal oven again lol J”

“ the last 3 years i’ve had this type of cooker .i use it every day and
take it on uk holidays .
its soooo easy to clean and very difficult to burn food as you can
watch it cook. this product is very good .”