Cooks Professional Halogen Oven

Cooks Professional halogen ovenCooks Professional halogen ovenThe Cooks Professional halogen oven is perfect for cooking all your meals in a neat compact kitchen appliance that is no more bigger than a microwave oven.  It can be used on your work top making it a lot easier to watch what your are cooking without having to bend down. Small enough to leave out on your worktop or be put into a cupboard when not in use. This  simple appliance consists of a lid which contains all the cooking functions and a glass bowl were you place your food to be cooked. The toughened glass bowl sits on a plastic stand and the lid fits on top of the bowl.

Cooking with halogen is fast becoming the way forward. Easy to use with just two settings to worry about. You have a temperature control and a timer control that you set to the desired settings depending on what is being cooked, you then push the handle down and the halogen heating element turns on cooking the food inside the glass bowl, there is a fan inside the lid that moves the air inside the bowl giving perfectly even cooking with no hot or cold spots and no need to turn your food.

You can cook almost anything that you would cook in your normal oven and hob but because your heating a smaller area and you don’t need to pre-heat you use a lot less electricity which saves you money in the long run.

You can use your halogen oven to roast, bake, steam, and defrost you can even use it to cook from frozen. Unlike a microwave your  food will come out crisp and perfectly brown with this revolutionary way of cooking. Supplied with two cooking racks 1 low and 1 high so you can cook entire meals and the fat just drains away. When you have finished cooking squirt a bit of washing up liquid into the bowl and turn on and it will clean itself so no washing up.

Verdict: stars-4-0.

The Cooks Professional halogen oven gets an excellent 4 stars from customers that have bought it and reviewed it. Very well priced but does not come with a comprehensive accessories pack that many of the manufactures supply but certainly one to consider.

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Product details.

  • 12 litre.
  • 1300w.
  • 60 minute timer.
  • Gross weight 8.5kg.
  • Bowl diameter 30cm.
  • Low and high rack.

Customer reviews.

“takes a bit of getting used to how to position various foods- but so far I am very pleased. Saves putting the main oven. for just one small item.”

“My main cooker went on the blink bought this delivered in two days it is magic cooks everything with out the mess great cooker”

“this product is wonderful i do not use my cooker as the halogen does it in half the time and the price was right i love it”