Charles Jacobs Halogen Oven

Charles Jacobs HalogenOvenThe Charles Jacobs premium halogen oven is the ideal way to do all your cooking and at 12 litres is big enough to cook almost everything. You get perfect results at a fraction of the time if you had used your conventional cooker. Not only do you save time but because it cooks 3-5 times faster you have the benefit of saving money on your electricity bill.

Very easy to use thanks to the simple controls with just timer and temperature settings built into the lid and once set just push the handle down and your cooking begins lift up the handle and the cooking stops. Anything that you can cook in your traditional cooker can be cooked using halogen including roasting, baking, steaming, defrosting, reheating and so much more.

The clear glass bowl that you cook in is obviously heat resistant as well as scratch resistant but also has the benefit of being able to see how your food is cooking so no more burnt food. It also has a self clean function were you add a bit of hot water and washing up liquid turn on and the fan swirls the water around cleaning as it goes.

Included free is low and high racks for your cooking an extender ring that makes your halogen’s capacity 17 litres a set of tongs, forks, food steamer and a lid holder to hold you hot lid and keep it of your worktop. All this adds up to £60 worth of accessories plus it comes with a free halogen cookbook

It comes complete with a 14 day money back guarantee and a 2 year warranty.

Verdict: stars-4-5

The Charles Jacobs halogen oven has very good reviews from customers giving it a 4.5 star rating and with its money back guarantee you could send it back if not satisfied.

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Product details.

  • 12 litre capacity.
  • Power: 1200-1400w.
  • Free comprehensive accessories pack.
  • Free cookbook.
  • 14 day money back guarantee.
  • 2 year warranty.

Customer reviews.

“ this halogen cooker is excellent. It is fast and efficient and very easy to clean. I would recommend it to anyone”

“Although somewhat sceptical beforehand about it’s abilities and results, I have since hardly used my oven”

“First time using a halogen oven cooker…easy to use…easy to clean”