Andrew James Halogen Oven with hinged lid

andrew james halogen oven with hinged lidThe new Andrew James halogen oven is the latest development with a hinged lid and digital controls. This is a new update on their best selling halogen cooker which combines style with the latest technology. To make life a lot easier a new hinged lid design takes all the strain of lifting off the lid and placing it in the lid holder making it a lot safer.

The new digital control panel makes cooking a lot easier with new settings that cook food automatically making it a more precise. With settings for rice, cake, pizza and toast  and more at a touch of a button ensuring that your food is cooked to perfection.  With cooking times 3 to 5 times faster than a traditional oven and not needing to pre-heat you never loose the taste and quality of the food. You can cook or bake anything that you would normally cook  in a traditional cooker or microwave and it is great for reheating.

The light wave technology that is used with this type of oven enables proportional cooking which is a very healthy way to cook. No need to use oils or fats which is great for your cholesterol intake but still retains the flavour of the food. The halogen bulb is easy to replace unlike other halogen ovens allowing you to change it without any problems.

The 12 litre capacity tempered glass bowl lets you see what you are cooking allowing you to judge when the food is ready. The non stick cake dish that comes with it is designed to make perfect cakes and rice and can also be used in your traditional cooker. As with all halogen ovens you can cook anything that you can cook in your normal oven at a fraction of the time saving you time and money.

Included free with this halogen package is the following accessories: low and high racks, steaming tray, baking tray, extending ring that sits on the glass bowl making it 17 litres, toast rack, 4 skewers and the already mentioned cake/rice dish. You also receive a 128 page halogen recipe book to get you started written by Norma Miller and packed with delicious recipes.

Verdict: stars-4-5

The Andrew James halogen oven with hinged lid and digital controls is perfect for all your halogen cooking now that it has that hinged lid for ease of use and the digital control panel for more precise cooking, I can see this becoming a best seller as is their other ovens are. Also available in black.

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Product details.

  • 12 litre capacity.
  • Hinged lid.
  • Digital control panel.
  • Easy to replace halogen bulb.
  • Free accessories.
  • Free Norma Miller recipe book.
  • Two year warranty.

Customer reviews.

“I am thrilled with this product – it is quick, easy to use and saves on electricity. The hinged lid is safer and lighter to handle when cooking.”

“Brilliant , only problem is need plenty of room above to lift the lid, lot safer than lid removable ones”

“Fabulous, easy to use. Haven’t used my main oven since I purchased it. Would recommend this to friends and family”