Andrew James Digital Halogen Oven

Andrew James 12 LTR White Premium Digital Halogen OvenHere we have the Andrew James Digital Halogen Oven.

This performs exactly the same as the standard oven with manual controls the only difference being is this one has digital controls.

The digital controls give you more accurate timings and temperature settings making cooking that much more precise.

With the digital panel you simply select the time and temperature and press confirm to start cooking.

The oven will stop cooking when the timer reaches zero or you stop it manually.

You will still get the same cooking and baking ability’s which makes this type of cooking so unique.

Being able to cook 3-5 times faster than your conventional cooker not only utilises your time better but is cheaper to run, less time cooking using the power of the halogen bulb and no need to pre heat = less electricity needed and hence cheaper bills.

Not only is it cheaper and quicker its also more healthier as you don’t have to use fats or oils which is good for the cholesterol.

The 12 litre heat proof glass bowl that that you do all the cooking can be extended to 17 litres using the extender ring that comes as part of the free accessories pack.

You can also use your halogen oven for steaming, toasting, frying, grilling, defrosting in fact anything that you can do in a traditional cooker or microwave you can do with this one simple to use oven, it even browns your food unlike a microwave and can heat up ready meals.

This versatile Andrew James halogen oven also comes with a free accessories pack that includes an extender ring, low and high racks, tongs, baking tray, steamer tray, skewer forks and a lid holder. Not only that but they throw in a halogen oven cookbook a spare bulb and a 2 year warranty.

Verdict: stars-4-5

The Andrew James Digital Halogen Oven is yet another great product from this well respected manufacturer.

Customers who have purchased it have given it a 4 star rating which is only to be expected.

This one should definitely be on top of your wish list.

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Product Details.

  • Digital Controls.
  • 12 litre capacity.
  • Extender ring.
  • Low and high racks.
  • 4 Skewers.
  • Pair of tongs.
  • Lid holder.
  • Baking tray.
  • Steamer tray.
  • Cookbook.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Also available in Red and White

Customer reviews.

“This is an easy oven to use and is a good size for cooking larger items such as whole chicken.
The push button programming controls are a little more sophisticated than the dial controls found on similar ovens. The disadvantage with push button is that it takes longer to enter the cooking time and temperature but I still prefer this method of programming.”

“Bought this product to use instead of my Electric oven with integral grill. Have used it for all types of cooking including grilling meat, baking cakes, grilling cheese on toast, heating up ready meals etc”

“this is one of the best ovens i have used , very pleased with all that it can do, top value for the money.”