Halogen Oven reviews

If you are looking to buy a halogen oven you will notice that there are many different makes on the market but basically they are all the same. One of the main differences you will find though is the size of the glass bowl and if I were you I would choose the largest bowl that you can get unless space is limited. There is the option of using an extender ring to increase the size of the halogen glass bowl and many of these ovens come with these as part of the free accessories pack so well worth checking to see if it is part of the package.

The simple design of the way they work with all the controls, fan and halogen bulb in the lid makes using one very easy. The downside is that the lid is a bit heavy as you would expect and is best placed in a lid stand when removing from the bowl as the halogen element gets very hot again these stands are sometimes part of the free package.

Simple in the way they work, the halogen bulb heats up the glass bowl and the air inside is circulated by the fan to create an even temperature. As the halogen bowl is smaller than a conventional oven you will find that you don’t need to preheat as it heats up faster  and so reduces cooking times. As a result to all this is that it saves you time and it saves you money as it uses less electricity.

As it doesn’t cook like a conventional cooker you do need to do a bit of trial and error to get the best results but as it sits on the worktop you don’t need to bend down to keep checking how well things are cooking. Not only that but because it has a clear glass bowl it is easy to see how well its doing. Once you have used it a few times you will soon get used to the cooking times and temperatures both of which are easy to control from the lid.

You will find that you can cook, bake, grill, steam and defrost with a halogen oven but don’t think that it cooks like a microwave as it doesn’t and it wont cook foods in a matter of minutes. What you will find is that it cooks faster that a traditional oven but unlike a microwave it will brown your foods evenly all over. Many people think that you can only cook certain foods but that could not be further from the truth, any food that you can cook in your ordinary oven can be cooked with this revolutionary oven.

Conclusion which one did i buy.

If you are thinking of buying any of the halogens that we have reviewed on this website i would say that they are all worthy except for the JML which has got a lot of bad reviews. The one that we bought was the Andrew James halogen oven because it is has excellent reviews, good value, it comes with all the free accessories but most of all it comes in black which is the colour the wife wanted. Are we happy with our purchase, yes we are and we or should i say the wife uses it on a regular basis and i would not hesitate in recommending buying one of these revolutionary ovens to anyone considering buying one.