Q. What is a halogen oven.
A. It has a glass bowl for doing all the cooking that sits on a plastic stand and a lid with all the controls and heating functions sits on top of the glass bowl.

Q. How does a halogen oven cook.
A. It uses a halogen bulb in the oven lid to produces extreme heat.

Q. Hows the heat distributed.
A. The heat is distributed by a fan in the oven lid.

Q. How do you set the temperature.
A. The desired temperature is set by a control knob on the oven lid.

Q. How is the heat controlled.
A. A thermostat regulates the heat inside the glass bowl and turns the halogen bulb on and off as needed.

Q. How do i set the length of time i want to cook.
A. The time can be set using the timer control knob on the oven lid.

Q. How do you turn it on.
A. To turn on set temperature and time you require and simple push the handle down.

Q. How do you turn it off.
A. To turn it off you simply lift the handle, do not try to turn the timer backwards as this could do damage.

Q. Do i need to use fat or oil.
A. Not if you don’t want to.

Q. What can you cook in a Halogen Oven.
A. You can cook almost anything that you would normally cook in a conventional oven.

Q. What else can i do in the oven.
A. You can bake, steam, reheat, fry, toast, defrost, and cook from frozen.

Q. Is it easy to clean.
A. Yes, you can use the self clean function or clean it in the normal way but the bowl is quite heavy.

Q. Do i need to pre heat.
A. No as soon as you turn on you have instant heat.

Q. Is it fast.
A. Faster than a conventional cooker but slower than a microwave

Q. Is it cheaper to use.
A. Yes due to the fact you are heating a smaller area, cooking it quicker and there is no need to pre heat.

Q. Is it big.
A. No bigger than a microwave oven.

Q. Do i have to have it wired in.
A. No it comes with a three pined plug that you plug into a normal socket.

Q. Where can a store it.
A. You can leave it on your worktop or store it in a cupboard out of the way.