About Us

After deciding to buy a Halogen oven for me and the wife (mainly the wife) the next step was to search online for some good honest reliable information, unfortunately that was not the case with websites being a bit hit and miss in the info they had on offer. Eventually after a lot of searching we decided on one by Andrew James  and ordered it through Amazon. The oven arrived and we set it up very quickly being just a base a bowl and a lid. After plugging in to a normal wall socket we were cooking in no time at all.

We were so impressed with our halogen oven I decided to set up this website to give some easy to access reliable information for anyone looking to purchase one. I have reviewed the most popular ones using information gathered through other websites and brought all the info in one place to help you in your search so that you don’t have to trawl through loads of websites. One thing I will say is that they are all do the same job apart from JML( check out the review ) so it could be a case of deciding which gives the best value for money in terms of price, accessories that come with it and has the best customer satisfaction, that’s how I chose ours.

I have found that Amazon has some of the best prices on the internet so i have set up links for you to click on that will take you to their website. Once there you will find the latest and probably best price, read customer reviews, get more information and  make your purchase. While you are on their website you could check out other makes that are available that i have not reviewed yet. There are more halogen ovens coming on the market all the time as they get more and more popular and I shall be adding more reviews in the future to keep this site up to date.

Thanks for visiting us and if you have any questions about this site then please feel free to contact us