What is a Halogen Oven

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We have tried to give you as much information on the best halogen ovens on the market to buy and use along with advice on how they work and what you can cook with them.

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What is a halogen oven

A halogen cooker as it is sometimes called is a versatile and revolutionary new way to do all your cooking, it roasts, grills, steams and bakes all in one simple compact self contained mini oven.

The halogen oven is now becoming very popular due to its compact design, user friendly controls and energy efficiency, but it’s the fantastic results you get when cooking with a halogen oven that has made it the must have kitchen gadget.

Over the past years cooking with halogen has become more and more popular with people wishing to use them as an alternative to the traditional cooker and this has completely changed the way they cook which makes it perfect for the modern household.

The halogen oven itself is very compact and will sit nicely on your kitchen worktop as it only takes up the space of a microwave but is also small enough to be kept in a cupboard if your pushed for space or don’t want it on show.

Great for small kitchens or caravans and perfect for students.

How does a halogen oven work

Although there are a lot of halogen ovens on the market the way they work is very simple which is just how the makers designed them to be.

They consists of a toughened heatproof glass bowl which sits on top of a plastic base that is also heatproof.

On top of the bowl is a separate lid that you lift on and off the bowl to give you access to your food.

The lid also contains all the workings that you need for cooking and most come with manual controls made up of 2 rotary dials for temperature and time.

Tip: Do not turn the rotary timer control knob backwards as this could damage it.

You can also get some halogen ovens with a digital control panel such as the one from Andrew James.

You can also buy them with a hinged lid that does away with removing the lid completely from the bowl as you just lift it up, these often have digital controls.

A halogen lamp that is fitted inside the lid produces immense heat that heats the air inside the glass bowl almost instantly, this combined with a fan to circulate the air cooks your food.

All this is controlled by a temperature sensor accurately controlling the temperature inside the bowl giving even cooking throughout.

There is no need to pre-heat as you would with a normal oven as the moment you turn it on the halogen lamp provides instant heat.

As you cook the halogen element will turn on and off, this is normal and is designed to control the temperature inside the glass bowl.

Tip: Always place the lid on a lid stand or heatproof surface as it does get very hot.

You can cook your food on a either a low or high rack that fits inside the bowl or you could use just the halogen bowl for things such as stews or roast potatoes.

The higher to the bulb your food is the quicker it will .

You can also use the many halogen accessories that you can buy or in a lot of cases come free with your purchase to aid your cooking.

Tip: When comparing prices check what accessories are included in the price.

Completely portable and multi-purpose this clever table halogen cooker only needs to be plugged into your normal mains socket with the three pin plug.

Anyone can learn to use one within a few minutes of unpacking and setting it up, it really is that simple.

Is cooking with halogen quick

The result of this halogen technology is that it will cook food up to 60% faster than it would if you used your conventional cooker whilst still keeping your food juicy and tender, it also browns and crisps the food unlike a microwave.

The days of dry uneven and soggy food that you used to get while trying to cook your food too fast in your microwave are long gone.

Now you can cook and brown a small chicken complete with roast potatoes in around 35 minutes and because the fan circulates the hot air evenly around the bowl you do not need to turn the food.

This also means no more hot or cold spots making it fast and easy and most of all tasty.

Not only does this technology cook perfectly and save you money but also saves you time making it even more desirable

Why use your large conventional cooker when you only need to heat a small area in this type of cooker.

Another benefit is it can use up to less than half the electricity of a conventional oven and with the price of electricity these days you will find that you will recoup the purchase price within a very short period of time, so it makes sense to buy one and start saving money from the moment you start using it.

What can you cook in a halogen oven

Many people believe that it can only be used for certain types of foods but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The powerful cooker is perfect for roasting, steaming, baking, toasting, frying, reheating in fact anything you can cook in a traditional cooker or on a hob can be cooked using this revolutionary oven and you will soon find that you will be using it on a daily basis.

You can even use it for ready made meals, toast and chips.

Tip: Start with simple food to get used to how it cooks and the times it takes.

Another real bonus is that you can see the food that you are cooking through the glass bowl, this makes it easy to keep an eye on your food so you don’t over cook anything, watch your cakes or Yorkshire pudding rise in front of your very eyes.

It’s also a very healthy way to cook as the fat drains to the bottom of the bowl leaving you with beautifully cooked food and it also keeps all the moisture in leaving your food nice and succulent.

You can also use it to defrost and cook food from frozen.

There is also a self clean function where you add hot water and washing up liquid to the glass bowl you then turn on to wash and the fan circulates the water cleaning as it goes but i prefer to wash them in the sink with with soapy water and a cloth.

The Halogen Oven really does offer an alternative to the conventional oven and microwave or it can be used in conjunction with them, which ever way you use one you will be impressed with the way it works.

One last word of advice you do need space above your worktop to use a halogen oven with hinged lid as the lid does flip up quite high but on the plus side you don’t have to lift the lid off and store it whilst checking your food.

There are many cookbooks available to help you with this new way of cooking and we have added a page that you might like to visit to get some inspiration.

What to look for when buying a halogen oven

Halogen ovens from different manufactures are more or less the same machine and comprise of the glass bowl for cooking a couple of cooking trays and a lid that has all the controls, fan and heating element.

So with that in mind choosing a halogen oven basically comes down to personal preferences and budget.

They come in different sizes usually 7ltr or 12ltr bowls so that’s one consideration, to my mind it makes sense to buy the one with the biggest bowl as this allows you to cook larger items or more food which is perfect for a large family.

A smaller 7ltr bowl is ideal if you’re short on space or you’re just cooking for one or two people and would be ideal for a caravan or student accommodation the only difference is you can fit less in it.

You can also increase the capacity from 12ltrs-17ltrs by using an extender ring that fits between the glass bowl and the lid so that’s worth considering.

The lid can be a lift off one or a hinged one, if you choose one with a lift off lid you would ideally need a lid stand to place it on while you take the cooked food out of the bowl.

The lid get quite hot you could burn you’re worktop if placed directly on it so its worth looking for a halogen oven that comes with one.

A hinged lid would not require a lid stand.

You can opt for one with simple rotary dials for time and temperature or go for one with  digital controls.

Finally look for a machine that comes with a complete selection of accessories, some come with just the bare minimum so you might find yourself having to spend more money for extra utensils.

The top three best selling halogen ovens are.

  1. Andrew James 12ltr premium halogen oven.
  2. Shef 12ltr premium halogen oven.
  3. Andrew James halogen oven with hinged lid.

Our Halogen Oven

We have owned a black Andrew James halogen oven for quite a while now and use it on a regular basis cooking and baking all sorts of things although my wife still likes to use our traditional cooker to cook some things but I’m working on this.

Our Microwave has not been banished from our kitchen as we still use it for quick warm ups.

You can also cook toast which we did try and it worked well but it cant beat our toaster.

As you can see although this can replace many kitchen appliance we choose to use it to compliment them.

We clean the bowl after ever use but we don’t use the self clean function as we find it better to wash it in the sink although my wife lets me do this as the bowl is a bit big and heavy and she doesn’t fancy dropping it, apart from that i cant think of any disadvantages of using one.

To sum up

  • Cooks faster than a conventional oven.
  • It saves you money on your electricity bill.
  • No need to use unhealthy cooking fats and oils.
  • No need to pre-heat as it heats up instantly.
  • Easy to operate just two dials.
  • Saves time.
  • Self cleaning function.
  • Very reasonably priced.
  • Can cook and bake almost anything.
  • Small enough to be left on your worktop or stored in cupboard.
  • Cooks evenly with no hot or cold spots.
  • Browns food.
  • Easy to watch your food cook.


Halogen oven cooking times.

These are some typical cooking times when using a halogen oven, as you can see you can cook anything you just need a good cookbook and a bit of trial and error.

  • Sausage: 10 minutes at 120-150 degrees on a low rack.
  • Steak medium rare: 8-10 minutes at 250 degrees on a high rack.
  • Omelette: 10-12 minutes at 175 degrees on a low rack.
  • Bread: 8-10 minutes at 120-140 degrees on low rack.
  • Fish: 10-120minutes at 200 degrees on a low rack.
  • Baked Potato: 25-40 minutes at 200-250 degrees on a low rack.

I hope that you find all the information on this website useful in your search for a halogen oven and if so please feel free to bookmark the site and visit us again.